Sunday, September 16, 2012

To my fellow professional storytellers...

In the past week, we’ve seen an ill-conceived, poorly-made video ignite a destructive revolt in a volatile region that resulted in the tragic loss of committed, productive lives.
Those of us who are skilled, experienced, passionate creatives have never doubted the power of well-crafted words illustrated by expertly conceived visuals. We dream about, and work towards, having an effect on an audience -- whether we make them laugh, or weep, or gasp, or expand their thinking. We fully understand and embrace our responsibility in moving other human beings to feeling, to action.

But not these feelings. Not these actions. Not now.

Never has it been more important to take seriously the impact arts and media have on our culture. As professional writers, directors, producers, musicians, designers, entertainment and advertising executives -- everyone who has input into all media formats and methods -- we can certainly entertain. But now, we must also consider the crucial need to edify and inspire.

Our reward, beyond the financial bottom line, is potent. We know well how to use language and imagery to send a message. After all, we are experts in communication. 

We can unite instead of divide; we can help promote understanding, in the interest of designing a future that supports every living being. We can bring clarity to chaos, through our experience and expertise. And we’ve just been reminded -- again -- that we must mindfully tap our considerable knowledge, and create intelligent antidotes to the tenebrous fear that pervades our world.

I am a proud founding member of c3: Center for Conscious Creativity, launched in 2004 for this very purpose. c3 is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on creating a better future through the arts and media, with a collective of dedicated individuals who are highly motivated to solve the global challenges we face today, and in the years to come.

c3 connects arts, media and entertainment professionals with researchers, educators, futurists, social entrepreneurs and philanthropists. We have access to 3000 global futurists through our partnership with the Global Arts and Media Node of The Millennium Project, which focuses on 15 global challenges.
Come join the conversation. Come co-create the future. Come, if you can, to our annual symposium in the Vortex Dome at LA Center Studios, on Saturday afternoon, September 22.

The quality of our future depends on us.

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